Five Secrets to Brand Yourself

On 1 August, 2015, in People skills, Personal effectiveness, Presentation skills, Professional image, STTS, by STTS Training Pte Ltd

  When you manage your personal branding, people will remember you and associate you with the brand values you wish to convey. If you don't manage your brand, others will!   Secret # 1: Define your brand Your brand is what people say you are. Do you know who you are? The image in my […]

What Shall We Call The Dot Dot Dot? … Our New Punctuation Mark Needs a Name!

    The best thing about them was that they were always the same. ‘The’ was an article that went before a noun; in fact, it was a definite article. We weren’t just talking any old noun, but a definite, singular, and unique noun. And the same beauty ran through each and every word, spelling, […]

Sorry About That! 7 tips for being sincere

On 30 October, 2014, in Communication skills, People skills, Personal effectiveness, Presentation skills, Self improvement, by STTS Training Pte Ltd

In verbal communication, we can often quite easily understand how sincere the speaker is. That’s because we actually have an instrument – our voices – that can convey the nuances of meaning. Sincerity, or the lack thereof, can also come through quite easily in the written word, too, whether we want it to or not. […]

A Communication Blunder to Avoid

A guest blog post by Coen Tan Imagine this. After a very filling buffet dinner, you agree to head over to your friend’s place for a chat. There, your friend’s mum has just baked some fruit cakes and is enthusiastically bringing them to you. You are absolutely stuffed. So what do you do? You want […]