A Communication Blunder to Avoid

A guest blog post by Coen Tan Imagine this. After a very filling buffet dinner, you agree to head over to your friend’s place for a chat. There, your friend’s mum has just baked some fruit cakes and is enthusiastically bringing them to you. You are absolutely stuffed. So what do you do? You want […]

Why Customers Get Angry Even When You’re Polite – and How to Avoid it

by Marianna Pascal Marianna conducts regular public workshops with STTS Training. Find out more at http://www.sttstraining.com/calendar.html I recently had an unpleasant encounter with a sales clerk at a shoe store. She was serving me while I tried to find the right size of a gorgeous little pair of red pumps. As she was serving me, […]

Me, Myself or I?

On 18 October, 2012, in A-Z of Business Writing Bloopers, by STTS Training Pte Ltd

I and Me This pair of words often causes confusion. The best thing to do here is to eliminate the other person and see what’s left, as in these examples: My boss gave the muffins to John and I. (Here you are saying your boss gave the muffins to I. This can’t be right.) Please […]

What is Jargon?

On 14 September, 2012, in A-Z of Business Writing Bloopers, by STTS Training Pte Ltd

Jargon Jargon could mean terminology or language. In this case, when writing specially for those in your field, it can show you as knowledgeable. However, when communicating with others outside your field, jargon can mean gobbledygook, and it can be irritating and confusing. For example: This is medical jargon that the layman cannot understand. This […]