5 Strategies to Stand Out And Get Noticed At Work

On 22 June, 2017, in STTS, by Rekha Sandiran

Do you sometimes feel you struggle with the ‘invisible’ phenomenon? Do you feel you work hard but aren’t really ‘noticed’? Or perhaps you don’t feel you get due credit? Or perhaps you feel taken for granted? You may be asking yourself why you need to be noticed at all. You are doing your work, getting […]

The 3Ps for Increasing Productivity

On 15 June, 2017, in STTS, by Rekha Sandiran

What does your ‘to-do’ list look like? Does this question bring tears to your eyes? Or does it make you ask ‘to-do list? what to-do list?’  Are you frustrated because you have so many tasks not yet finished, you want to get that report finished, you need to update your website, or even complete those […]

Embracing a Global Mindset: Global Role For Shirley Taylor

On 5 June, 2017, in STTS, by STTS Training Pte Ltd

I’m very excited to announce that in a few weeks’ time I will be taking on the role of President of the Global Speakers Federation (GSF). What an honour and a privilege this is. I’ve been very proud to serve on the GSF Executive Committee for the past 4 years, and from July I will […]

Use Positive Words To Get Positive Results

On 25 May, 2017, in STTS, by STTS Training Pte Ltd

Using positive words and positive phrases will enhance the tone and improve the effectiveness of your writing. Into Practice Check out how the positive tone improves these sentences: Negative:      If you do not return your form before 2 August, it will be too late for you to attend the conference. Positive:     […]

Writing 101: 7 Deadly Sins of Business Writing

On 25 April, 2017, in STTS, by STTS Training Pte Ltd

When it comes to writing, there are always going to be DOs and DONTs – but some are more, shall we say, fatal than others. Read These Questions And Answer Them Truthfully With A Simple YES or NO: 1. Do you use unnecessary and redundant expressions in your writing, like ‘Please be informed’, ‘Kindly be […]