Rules Are Made to be Broken But First You Have to Learn Them

On 12 October, 2017, in STTS, by Rekha Sandiran

Have you ever wondered where all the rules out there governing grammar, punctuation, spelling, and so on come from? Is there really a dictator called the Grammar Ninja hiding in a cave or bunker somewhere, thinking up evil ways to make your writing ‘wrong?’ Is he or she inventing new words to make your life […]

Making Assumptions During Communication

On 18 August, 2017, in STTS, by Rekha Sandiran

Visualise it: you’re in a meeting, discussing the budget for the Security Division. You begin to state your idea regarding an issue with cyber security, “The biggest problem I see is…” and suddenly the gentleman down the table interrupts, “Yes! The biggest problem is the way the pens and pencils in the storeroom keep disappearing. […]

Punctuate Properly Please!

On 27 July, 2017, in STTS, by Rekha Sandiran

Incorrect punctuation not only changes the meaning of your writing, but it can also cause your reader to lose focus on what you are saying. Instead, readers will start thinking about how you are saying it and why it sounds to them. They won’t get you meaning, and they may not reply to your key […]

Shirley Taylor becomes the 21st President of the Global Speakers Federation

On 21 July, 2017, in Global Travels, GSF Presidency, STTS, by Rekha Sandiran

I’m very proud to announce that on 8 July 2017, I was appointed President of the Global Speakers Federation (GSF). What an honour and a privilege this is. After serving on the GSF leadership team for the past 4 years, I am now standing on the shoulders of some speaking giants who have filled this […]

Good or Bad – What Sort of a Listener Are You?

On 13 July, 2017, in STTS, by Rekha Sandiran

Developing good listening skills is vital. When you truly listen and engage in a conversation, there is the chance to create respect, credibility and trust. Few people listen properly, however. This is usually because most of us seem to have an innate need to prepare a targeted response, so as a result, we tune out […]