I and Me

This pair of words often causes confusion. The best thing to do here is to eliminate the other person and see what’s left, as in these examples:

My boss gave the muffins to John and I.
(Here you are saying your boss gave the muffins to I. This can’t be right.)

Please come with Mary and I to the cinema.
(Here you are saying please come with I. Wrong again!)

Here are some correct examples:

Please explain this to Don and me.
James and I are going out to dinner.
Granny gave the cookies to Robert and me.


Now, take a look at these examples of incorrect use of myself:

Please contact John or myself.
Emily and myself will be there.

These cannot be right because you would not say Please contact myself, or Myself will be there.

More correct examples:

The document must be signed by both Sally and me.
The Chairman handed the presents to my partner and me.
Mark and I will attend the meeting.
Your mum and I are so proud of you.
I am very proud of myself.
I’d like to speak for myself please.