A Communication Blunder to Avoid

A guest blog post by Coen Tan Imagine this. After a very filling buffet dinner, you agree to head over to your friend’s place for a chat. There, your friend’s mum has just baked some fruit cakes and is enthusiastically bringing them to you. You are absolutely stuffed. So what do you do? You want […]

Why Customers Get Angry Even When You’re Polite – and How to Avoid it

by Marianna Pascal Marianna conducts regular public workshops with STTS Training. Find out more at http://www.sttstraining.com/calendar.html I recently had an unpleasant encounter with a sales clerk at a shoe store. She was serving me while I tried to find the right size of a gorgeous little pair of red pumps. As she was serving me, […]

Self-leadership in Action

Thanks to Andrew Bryant, CSP for this week’s guest blog post. Andrew is speaking at ASSAP 2014, the Asian Summit for Secretaries and Admin Professionals, in Singapore on 22 April 2014. For more details visit http://www.sttstraining.com/ASSAP/programme.html Self-leadership is, at its simplest, the ability to influence yourself to achieve your objectives. However, since writing the book […]

Shirley Taylor appointed official Ambassador for Singapore of IYOTSA 2014 – The International Year of the Secretary and Admin Assistant

On 31 December, 2013, in IYOTSA, by STTS Training Pte Ltd

As we transition into a new year, it’s always a great time to look ahead, and 2014 is looking set to be an amazing year for all secretaries and administrators in the workplace.  Did you know that a fifth of the world’s working population works in Administration? That’s a huge number of people to celebrate […]